torsdag 10 januari 2008

Wikifabulous (eller hur man fyller en bloggsida)

Har man ingenting att göra och inte vet vad man ska hitta på kan man alltid gå in på första sidan på Wikipedia och läsa "Today's featured article" Jag vet att wikipedia är full av fel och svår att kolla men visst är det ändå en absolut fantastisk källa till vetande. Läs och förundras över denna vår (ofta) ding-ding världs mångsidighet!

Dagens engelskspråkiga feature: The Oregon State Capitol is the building housing the state legislature and the offices of the governor, secretary of state, and treasurer of the U.S. state of Oregon. Tänk det visste ni inte!

Franska: Le concours complet d'équitation ou CCE est un sport équestre qui, avec le concours de saut d'obstacles et le dressage, fait partie des trois disciplines équestres olympiques.

Tyska: Ein Visum (im Deutschen früher auch Sichtvermerk oder Ein- oder Ausreiseerlaubnis) ist ein amtlicher Vermerk, der für das Überschreiten einer Grenze des ausstellenden Staates erforderlich ist.

På den svenska handlar det om Tchad oc Hillary Clinton (där verkar det vara utvalda akutella artiklar, alltså inte bara slumpgenerator-genererade artiklar?)

Ännu roligare är blandningen i "Did you know..." artikeln som citerar de senast skrivna artiklarna.

Dagens " Did you know..."
...that the Cross of Valour and the Star of Courage (pictured) are the two highest ranks of Canadian Bravery Decorations?
...that with a rapidly declining birth rate, Japan's elderly, with the world's highest proportion at 20% of the population, is expected to double to 40% of residents by 2055?
...that although Hillary Clinton has fewer delegates than John Edwards to the state convention of the 2008 Iowa Democratic Caucuses, she would receive one more to the national convention?
...that Storm 91C of 2006 has been classified a tropical, subtropical, and extratropical cyclone?
...that the actors in the film Planet of Dinosaurs had to sign partial payment deferments on their contracts, because most of the budget was spent on stop motion dinosaurs?
...that the kitchen of the Conde-Charlotte House was originally constructed in 1822 to be the first courthouse and jail of Mobile, Alabama?
...that George the Hagiorite from Georgia who became Saint George to the Georgian Orthodox Church had his biography written in 1084 by a disciple who was called George?
...that before brick became available as a building material, churches in medieval Northern Europe were commonly built with glacial erratics and rubble?
...that in only his second Major League start, Dick Selma threw a New York Mets franchise record 13 strikeouts in a 10-inning shutout victory?
...that Bombardment of Algiers, an oil-on-canvas by Thomas Luny, depicts the titular battle in which over 1000 Christians were liberated from slavery in Algeria?
...that Job Charnock landed at Jorabagan, Sutanuti ghat in 1690, which is believed by many to be the starting point of the metropolitan growth of Kolkata?

Sedan upprepar man detta på alla språk man förstår, samt några man inte riktigt förstår. Då har man att göra ett tag.

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