torsdag 3 januari 2008

Heja Iowa!

Undrar ni hur en caucus funkar egentligen? Läs Huffington Post "The Iowa caucus: insignificant, yet overly complicated".
If any given group still fails to meet the 15% requirement, then each voter in that group must blindfold themselves and attempt to sculpt a block of clay into a likeness of their preferred candidate's head. The most accurate-looking five heads are then stacked into a totem pole and covered in gasoline to be torched on the front steps of the caucus site as a visible symbol to Democratic party helicopters that this is going to be a long night and several pizzas must be airlifted in to sustain voters as they continue marching back and forth between different corners of the room. Democratic caucuses often last for weeks, with at least one known caucus from the 2004 election still in progress.

Eller denna FAQ.

Tydligen kostar presidentkapmanjen 200$ per röst enligt denna camenbert:

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