tisdag 5 februari 2008

Super Tuesday

Intressant fran Martin Gelins New York blogg:

James Forsyth, på Foreign Policys blogg:
"The 2008 campaign has already served one foreign-policy purpose: It has changed how America's Western allies see the country. Under the Bush presidency, anti-Americanism has reached new—and absurd—heights, and in too many countries the United States became pigeon-holed as the country of Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo, and global warming.
The 2008 campaign has reminded the public overseas, and especially in allied countries, of the diversity and vibrancy of American democracy. It is hard for even the most hardened anti-American not to be impressed by the fact that the Democrats will nominate either an African-American or a women as their candidate, while watching this twisting and turning campaign play out gives the lie to the view that United States is some kind of corporate oligarchy."

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